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We offer Aventura, Fl bail bonds service 24 hours a day. Pay by telephone with a major credit card. We are the fastest Aventura, Fl. bonding company. Call for quick, discreet and confidential bail services 24 hours a day at 1-800-224-5937. You don't have to leave your home or office we can handle the entire process right over the phone or we will come to your home or office. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, cash or personal checks for payment of bond premiums. Our doors never close, we are open for bail bonds 24 Hours, 7 Days a week to better serve you. Speak with one of our many professional bail bond agents now by calling us toll free now, see below.


  • We can post bail anytime, anywhere Nationwide.
  • We are a 24 hour Nationwide bonding agency.
  • We have flexible payment plans and accept credit cards, cash or personal checks.
  • We are the fastest in Aventura and have bail bond agents on call 24/7.
  • Call today for a bail bond in Aventura or anywhere else in the Nation. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Bail bond fees are called the bond premium. In Aventura, Fl. bond premium costs are set at up to 10% of the bail amount for all state cases.
  • In most cases a signature is all that is needed for collateral.
  • Once the case is completed or there has been a finding of guilt or innocence your collateral is returned typically within 21 days.

Aventura, Florida. Aventura is located in Miami-Dade County's  eastern end of the San Fernando Valley region, near the Verdugo Mountains. The city is bordered to the southwest by the Atwater Village neighborhood; to the west by the City of Burbank; to the northwest by the Tujunga neighborhood
of Miami-Dade; to the northeast by the city of La Cańada Flintridge and La Crescenta; to the east by Pasadena and to the southeast by the Eagle Rock, Glassell Park neighborhoods. The Golden State, Ventura, Aventura, and Foothill freeways run through the city. The cities law enforcement authority is the Aventura Police Department.


 Aventura Bail Bonds Service 24/7.

 In the City of Aventura, Fl. Bail Bondsmen on call to help you anytime and any jail. Serving all Miami-Dade County Jails and Sheriff's detention facilities.

What is a bail bond? A bail bond is a surety bond it is a contract between three parties:

The principal - The defendant (the accused in jail that was released on bond) and who is responsible to and will appear each and every time the court/s orders.

The obligee - the Court where the defendant has agreed he or she will appear in front of until the conclusion of the criminal case.

The surety - An insurance company / bail bondsman that posted a bond ensuring that the principal will make all of his or her court appearance and follow all conditions of bond set by the court.

• About Cash Bail.
If paying by mail make sure to write the case number and the defendant’s full name on the check or money order. Never mail cash.
Note: If you posted a cash bail, your bail money may be applied to a fine at the time of sentencing if the depositor is the defendant or a third-party who signed the bail receipt giving the Court permission to do so at the time of deposit.

Aventura Criminal Courthouse
Aventura Court House
North Dade Justice Center

Aventura, Florida Court house Hours of Operation.
The Aventura criminal courthouse is open from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except court holidays.


Aventura Bail Bondsman.


Aventura, Florida Bail Bondsman.

On average within one or two hours after being booked in at the  Aventura Police Department jail the defendant will have his or her bail amount set. Need to find a person held at the jail and/or bail bond release information call us at 1-800-224-5937.


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How Aventura Courthouse Handles Felony Crimes.
If convicted of a felony crime defendants are punishable by state prison term or death. Examples of felony crimes are murder, possession of drugs or sale, robbery and rape, domestic violence, aggravated battery, ETC.
The processing of a felony criminal case usually is as follows.
• An accused is arrested by the Aventura Police and taken to the jail. Then one of three things may happen:
o The defendant is released and no charges are filed.
o The defendant posts a bail bond or is released on their own recognizance ("R.O.R.") and an arraignment date is scheduled.
o The defendant stays in the jail custody of the Aventura law enforcement agency and is transported to Court for his/her court arraignment appearance.

• An Arraignment
A felony arraignment on a criminal complaint is the defendant's first Court appearance. The following typically occurs.
1. The defendant is told of the charges against him or her.
2. The defendant is informed of his or her rights under the constitutional.
3. If the defendant cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint an attorney.
4. The defendant then is required to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest.
A Not Guilty Plea: The defendant states that he or she did not commit the crime accused of.
A Guilty Plea: The defendant admits to the crime/s that he or she is accused of and is essentially convicted of the crime/s.
A No Contest Plea: known as "Nolo Contendere." The defendant elects not to contest the charge/s. The plea has the same effect as a guilty plea, with the exception that the plea and subsequent conviction cannot be used against the defendant in a civil suit or as evidence of liability.
5. The Court may set bail or lower bail and the defendant is remanded back to jail custody, or the defendant is released on his or her "Own Recognizance" or "R.O.R." or he or she posts a bail bond.
• The Preliminary Hearing
Preliminary hearings are held at the Aventura Superior Court to determine if the state has sufficient evidence that the defendant committed the crimes and should held over “held to answer” to stand trial.
If the defendant is ordered "held to answer," the prosecutor / district attorney will file documents with the court called “The Information”. The defendant will then be arraigned on the Information at which time the case will proceed to trial at which time the defendant can change his or her plea.

• Jury Trial
Florida Penal Code section 1382 specifies the time periods allowed within which a defendant who is charged with a felony must be brought to trial.
This Information must be filed with the Aventura / Miami-Dade County Court within 15 days of the preliminary hearing where the defendant was ordered "held to answer".
A trial must start within 60 days of the arraignment on the Information, unless the defendant enters a general waiver of the statutory time requirement or agrees to a date beyond the 60-day period.
Before a trial can begin, the attorneys must select a jury. During the trial, witness testimony may be heard and evidence presented. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury will decide if the defendant is guilty or not guilty as charged. If the jury finds the defendant is not guilty, he or she is released from custody and cannot be tried again for the same crimes. On the other hand, if the defendant is found guilty, the defendant will be remanded to custody and the case will be reset for a future sentencing date, or the defendant may be sentenced immediately. Any appeals of conviction need to be sent to The Appellate Department of the Aventura, Miami-Dade County Superior Court.

• Court Trial.
In lieu of a trial by jury, a defendant may seek to proceed with a court trial, in which the judge hears all the evidence, arguments and testimony then decides the defendant’s guilt or innocence.
If the Court orders the defendant to pay any fines or court costs it may be paid by cash, money order, credit card, ATM card or check at the Clerk's Office.

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Aventura, Florida Jails and Sheriff Offices.subsequent to the bail amount being set, our bail agent will post the bond at the Aventura jail or Police department. The jail official booking/release officer begins the release process which can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to be completed.

Aventura Jails and Courts.
Jail / Custody Info. (305) 466-8989

Aventura Police Departments
Aventura Jail
(305) 466-8989
(305) 466-8991 Fax

Aventura Public Library
19200 West Country Club
Drive-Mezzanine Level
Aventura, Florida 33180

Library Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday Closed
telephone (305) 931-5512

Post Office Aventura Branch
3585 NE 207TH ST STE C9
MIAMI, FL 33180-9997
Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30pm
Sat 10:00-2:00pm
Sun closed


Aventura Florida Bail Bond Company open 24 hours.

Bail Bonds are akin to a specialized loan. As such the bail bond company may require you to pledge a guarantee on the loan/bond. We accept real estate, cars, ETC and many other different kinds of collateral.

In general for most bonds we only require your signature as collateral.

Larger bonds: The most common type is a home  or piece of land. In some cases, we can accept a portion of the bond in cash or credit.





Bail Bonds Pay by Phone with a credit card.

City of Aventura Bail Bonds and also serving all the following major cities of Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas.

At Aventura Bail Bonds in Aventura we always have bail bond agents on duty waiting to help you get your loved one out quickly. We make this process as short as possible.

Aventura Bail Bondsman call 1-800-224-5937

Our bail bond call centers are open 24 hours. Speak to a licensed Florida bail agent in your area. Call Us today at 1-1-800-224-5937.



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